Cattery Con Grazia's
Sacred Birmans








Litter 20

born 19-02-2008


1. Dumbledore, male, Chocolate Tabbypoint

2. Charlie, male, Chocolate Tabbypoint

3. Berlioz, male, Chocolate Tabbypoint

4. Charmante Meisje, female, Chocolatepoint

5. Siwa, female, Chocolate Tabbypoint


Pedigree Kittens CH. Con Grazia's Soraya & IC. Sint Agatha's Valentino


Dumbledore, Berlioz, Siwa, Charlie, Charmante Meisje


IC./TICA Champion Con Grazia's Dumbledore




Dumbledore (Dumby) lives with Nathalie and Nicolas in France (Cattery Schan Kayah).


Con Grazia's Berlioz



Berlioz (Cosmo) lives with Marieke, Fabian and Pebbles (their dog).


CH. Con Grazia's Charmante Meisje


Charmante Meisje lives with Gunn-Tove, Odd and their 3 children in Norway (Cattery Temms's).


Con Grazia's Charlie



Charlie lives with Marjolijn, Theo, Eva and Sarah. Marjolijn has made the beautiful cards of Charlie.


Con Grazia's Siwa


Siwa lives with Marion and her family in Germany. In the picture she is with her new friend Kimberly.


13 weeks

Berlioz Dumbledore Dumbledore & Berlioz


11 weeks

Dumbledore Dumbledore Charlie

Charlie Berlioz Berlioz Siwa

Siwa Charmante Meisje Charmante Meisje


7 weeks


Charlie Charlie Dumbledore

Dumbledore Berlioz Berlioz


Charmante Meisje Charmante Meisje Siwa Siwa


5 weeks


Dumbledore Berlioz Charlie


Siwa Charmante Meisje


3 weeks




1 week



CH. Con Grazia's Soraya (Lilac tabbypoint) & IC. Sint Agatha's Valentino (Chocolate tabbypoint)