Cattery Con Grazia's
Sacred Birmans







Litter 10

born 23-03-2003



From left to right:

1. Jamai ("Santo"), male, Seal tabbypoint

2. Dewi, female, Seal tabbypoint

3. Farouk, male, Seal tabbypoint

4.  Indira, female, Seal tabbypoint 

5. July, female, Seal tabbypoint


Pedigree Kittens CH. Angel van Malibu & EC. Con Grazia's Figaro




Con Grazia's July





The son of July (Charley) with his friend Myla



Con Grazia's Indira




Con Grazia's Dewi


Con Grazia's Jamai ("Santo")




CH. Angel van Malibu (Seal point) & EC. Con Grazia's Figaro (Lilac tabbypoint)