Cattery Con Grazia's
Sacred Birmans








Litter 9

born 25-10-2002



From left to right:

1. Tiger, male, Blue tabbypoint

2. Sylvester, male, Lilac tabbypoint

3. Damian ("Wito"), male, Blue tabbypoint

4.  Suzy, female, Lilac tabby point 

5. Swiebertje, male, Blue tabbypoint

6. Dexter, kater, male, Lilac tabbypoint


Pedigree Kittens IC. Chanarai's Highlight & EC. Con Grazia's Figaro


Con Grazia's Tiger


Tiger lives in Belgium with Isabelle Lefebvre in Cattery d'Avillon.


IC. Con Grazia's Suzy



Suzy lives with Ria and Nel van Weert in Cattery Favori d'Oriana.


Con Grazia's Damian (Wito)


Damian (Wito) lives in Belgium with Tess Verbinnen and her family.


Con Grazia's Swiebertje


Swiebertje lives with family van Vuuren.


Con Grazia's Sylvester

Sylvester lives together with Con Grazia's Enrique with Jan and Daphny de Visser.



IC. Chanarai's Highlight (Blue tabbypoint) & EC. Con Grazia's Figaro (Lilac tabbypoint)