Cattery Con Grazia's
Sacred Birmans








Litter 5

born 28-05-2001


From left to right:

1. Cameron, female, Blue point

2. Keanu, male, Blue tabbypoint

3. Todai-Ji Samawi, female, Blue tabbypoint

4. Angelina ("Sofi"), female, Blue point

5. Brad, male, Blue point


Pedigree Kittens IC. Temple Guardians Laila & EC. Ceonka's Blue Kevin DM




IC. Con Grazia's Todai-Ji Samawi


owner: Dinie and Henk Hoving, Cattery Rosecitycoon


Con Grazia's Angelina



Con Grazia's Keanu (left) & Con Grazia's Brad (right)




IC. Temple Guardians Laila (Blue tabbypoint) & EC. Ceonka's Blue Kevin DM (Blue point)