In 1997 we fell in love with the Sacred Birman. After reading a lot of books and magazines we decided to buy a sealpoint female. At this moment we are the proud owners of a male and a few females. About twice a year we have a litter with very sweet little birman babies. We also like going to catshows with our beautiful birmans. In our garden we have built a nice home for our male and a smaller one for our females where they can play in. Most of the time our Birmans are with us in the house. Besides the Birmans we are also the owner of Max, our enthusiactic Flat Coated Retriever. Although he is a lot bigger than our Birmans and he pretends to be very tough, the cats are still the BOSS!




We hope that you will also fall in love with the Sacred Birman. If you might have any questions or if you just want to know a little bit more, you can always contact us. 


Best Regards,

Alexandra (left) and Jacomien (right) Nieuwenhuizen